A sign of some proportion

OK. This journey started way back. But let us begin with may 2007. There I was; my degree in law, well into my doctorate in international law. But I felt deep discomfort. I was pushing against my stream. I had no idea what to do. See, I have many differant talents, lots of things I do with ease. So, I looked up to the sky and said out loud, with full intent to follow if I was answered, "Please tell me what to do, give me a sign and I promise to follow!"
Then, through a series of small events so unlikely they became real, a got a question, "Oh, aren't you the coulpe who have reindeer?" And yes we are, my man is of the Sami people, a reindeer herder. The thing was that this american, this cowboy, was coming on a tour to Sweden and he wanted to visit reindeer in their natural habitit. I gave the woman our phonenumbers thinking this would amount to nothing.A couple of weeks later we get a visit. The cowboy was the world famous, the one, the original horse-whisperer, Monty Roberts. We met, we spoke, I was impressed by his presence- though I admit he can be a bit scary- and I SAW what he did. I began reading, studying, reflecting, encountering our own horses and reindeer with re-opened eyes. I was blown away.
Now you see, Monty is a hard-working man, he rarely makes house-calls.
Then it hit me like a freight train. Could a sign of where to go next be more obvious?
I have kept my promise...